Psychic Supper – 12/11/20


Please make sure if you are booking tickets that you wish to be added to another groups table that you specify your request upon purchase.

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Join Casey’s on Thursday 12th November for a Psychic Supper evening!

The night will include a 2 Course Hot supper and several psychics/mediums visiting your table in the hope to give messages and/or guidance from loved ones.

Doors Open 7pm
Tickets are just £157.50per person (early booking is essential!)

Please note: We cannot guarantee that everybody will receive a reading, we only select the best mediums in and around Telford, but even they sometimes are not able to give an in depth reading, if any reading at all. Please bare this in mind when coming to any of our Psychic Suppers.

No-one under the age of 16 is permitted to any of Casey’s Events* without prior consent.